Canterbury Refugee Resettlement and Resource Centre

The Canterbury Refugee Resettlement and Resources Centre advocates on behalf of the refugee communities resettled in the Canterbury area. As the first contact point for agencies aiming to liaise with the wider community or individuals of refugee background, we work to disseminate relevant information, community skills, and knowledge through a grassroots approach to consultative communication.

The CRRRC aims to bridge the gap between the refugee background people of all ages by creating a more harmonious, more welcoming, inclusive environment through building a shared respect, by connecting our common experiences and celebrating our differences.

“We aim to use rights and needs-based strategies to motivate, assist, and connect refugee families within Canterbury, New Zealand."

Contact Info:

PHONE:   (03) 377 2544 or (03) 377 2538



ADDRESS:   39 Nursery Road, Philipstown, Christchurch 8011

OPEN HOURS:   Monday – Friday 09:00am – 3:00pm


Please get in touch with us if you are wanting to donate. All donations are greatly appreciated.

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