What We Do


We advocate and support refugee background organisations and grassroots communities at national and international levels through:

  • Organising national events that bring all the refugee organisations from New Zealand together to discuss the issues from each region, and advocate for those at a governmental level.
  • Ensuring that key stakeholders meet directly with regional organisations and grassroots communities to ensure full direct participation in decision making processes concerning key refugee issues.
  • Scaling up issues relating to resettlement practices and service delivery and policies with key stakeholders.
  • Participating in international summits, conferences, and events to form strong international refugee networks, for the protection of the rights of those fleeing violence and persecution across the globe, including the loved ones of refugee background communities who have settled and resettled in New Zealand.

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Community Development

We have become a significant platform for New Zealand’s refugee voices to come together at a national level and think collectively of ways to achieve a bright future for settlement and resettlement practices. We provide tools to our refugee background organisations and communities at the grassroots level so that they can fully and directly participate in civil society and engage in conversations concerning refugee issues.

Member organisations

Our member organisations support our refugee background communities at regional levels across New Zealand in terms of social services, advocacy, community support and navigation. They also run community programmes and initiatives depending on the needs of our communities.


We engage in networking, information exchange, and advocacy in all levels for our refugee communities across New Zealand.

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